Hannibal S02E11 – Kō No Mono – Eat The Rudecast

Hannibal S02E11 – Kō No Mono – Eat The Rudecast

We can barely contain our excitement as Hannibal has multiple sessions with Mason Verger, the reveal and deveal of Freddie Lounds fate occurs, the windego morphs into Shiva, and the game changes significantly for Will and Hannibal when it comes to Mason Verger.

All on this episode of Eat The Rudecast, an unauthorized podcast about NBC’s Hannibal, and the works of Thomas Harris.


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  1. I think the blue name you might be looking for might be Prussian Blue.

    Which was invented by a mad alchemist and body snatcher living in Castle Frankenstein and was originally made from blood and cyanide. No, really. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johann_Conrad_Dippel

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