Hannibal S02E06 – Futamono – Eat The Rudecast

Hannibal S02E06 – Futamono – Eat The Rudecast

A hell of an episode advances all the plotlines while taking a significant turn to the beautiful surreal of experimental films. We discuss the validity of the Hannibal/Alana storyline, the reality of the cages in the BSHCI, and the beauty of the food at Hannibal’s dinner party.

All on this episode of Eat The Rudecast, an unauthorized podcast about NBC’s Hannibal, and the works of Thomas Harris.

Read the article we talked about regarding the cages at the BSHCI.

Check out Hannibal‘s food stylist Janice Poon’s blog for sketches and stories of the creation of this amazing food.


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  1. Hi!

    So glad you mentioned the movie “The Cell”. Last episode’s tableau of the Beverly slides took me to that movie right away. Remember the horse?

    Great podcast! I got hooked on the show, then I got hooked on your podcast.


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